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Pink, Red and White for a Green Spring March

Until the flowers bloom in the garden, it's flowers in a vase!









Spring is showing her colors already in the High Desert with green buds popping up on plants and trees. This time of year, when the winter is  gone (we think) and the days begin warming up, those who love to dig in their gardens can’t wait to plant flowers and prepare vegetable gardens. It’s their time to play outside, to dig in the dirt, and plant flowers once more.

I recall earlier days when my mother was alive and I would go with her to her favorite shopping places – nurseries. She could shop for hours it seemed. She would purchase plants, flowers, and seeds for her gardens. Her gardens showed that she spent time with them. I don’t know how many mini rose bushes she planted, but behind the country home she and my dad built were huge mini rosebushes with white roses. The width of them was as wide as the house.

Whether or not it was Mother that taught me about the white Moss Rose, I don’t know. The Moss Rose is a low-growing plant that bears small, rose-like flowers and grows well in hot and dry climates like the High Desert.  This rose thrives in sandy or below average soil and requires minimal watering. Their common colors include a deep red as well as pink, white, and green.


Source: via Ginger on Pinterest

My green-thumb mom planted as many types of roses as she could. Still today I hold a precious memory of  surprising her with two little roses in a cup of water I’d found in her country garden in cold December 2007. I placed the cup of roses on her bedside tray in her hospital room. She was delighted.

The two little roses on the tray represented a huge heart full of love I wanted to express to my mother that day in the hospital. Three months after that she passed away. Flowers don’t take the place of our loved ones, but they fill our hearts with sweet memories that make us smile. Maybe that’s why I so love my one garden area with the miniature white, red, and pink roses. Natural colors. The miniature rose plants are already full of little dark green leaves all over. Soon they’ll be bursting with a blend of red, white and pink, and I’ll do what I can’t stop myself from doing once again. Capture the beauty once more with my camera, bask in the beauty, remember another gardener who bequeathed to me her love of flowers – and smile.

Miniature Rosebush from my garden on a previous Spring









Be sure to visit fun Pink Saturday this weekend to see all the pretty pink and green for St. Patrick’s Day!

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