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Anti Aging NeriumAD and Giveaway at High Desert Vintage Shop

The High Desert of So Cal offers antique shoppers fun and exciting vintage events and often special discounts, freebies, or giveaways. Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures is hosting a special guest this St. Patrick’s Day weekend – Angie from High Desert Blogging on Saturday, March 16th. The occasion? Angie will be presenting the amazing NeriumAD anti aging cream to Linda Marie’s vintage shop’s guests. Angie will include a vintage giveaway prize from Linda Marie’s shop on Saturday. The winner will be chosen from all who become a new NeriumAD Brand Partner with Angie on March 16th at Linda Marie’s shop.

NeriumAD Anti Aging Cream

Angie will also offer great discounts on all NeriumAD products that she has on hand at Linda Marie’s Saturday. Discounts are good only while supplies last Saturday. So what is this NeriumAD all about?

NeriumAD is an age-defying night cream that reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, large pores, uneven skin texture, and aging skin. Recently, I heard a lady tell about the nightmare of her mother’s experience with a facial chemical peel procedure. The lady’s mother experienced an allergic reaction, and she felt the burning sensation for days. Eventually, the burning went away, and her skin had tightened which gave her a more youthful look. NeriumAD is a simple procedure. Cleanse at night, apply the product to damp skin, and wash it off in the morning with water.

Jeff Olson, Nerium Founder and CEO, states in Success magazine, April 2013 issue, “Our goal is to launch niche marketing programs for teens, young adults, fundraisers and charities.” Listen to current news about the statistics of young college graduates who are burdened with college loans and unemployment. You can easily get caught up in this depressing news, but don’t! Advanced training and personal development are offered to NeriumAD’s Brand Partners. Team up with Angie and this great company that offers such inspiring leadership and start reaping the benefits.

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