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Do It Yourself Blogging

You can start a blog and learn how to do it yourself. If you can afford to hire a coach to set up your blog for you and to train you how to blog, do it. Plenty of bloggers have set up their own blogs learning the hard way, not much money to begin with and by trial and error. A determined individual who sees the importance of blogging will let nothing get in the way from starting and learning to blog.

Who starts a new project doing it with perfection? Learn by practice. Practice by blogging. You improve every time you blog, baby step by baby step.


Eventually, you’ll become a blog expert. Blogging does take time and patience; but if I learned how to do it, then you can, too.

You’ll notice that many bloggers have blog buttons or badges that say “Grab My Button” or such catchy phrases. When I learned how to put a button on one of my blogs, I thought I would never get it right. I kept trying, kept searching on the Internet for the simplest way to figure it out. Finally, I did it. However, that was a long time ago, and didn’t have a blog button. I confess that I’m quite rusty at getting the bloggy buttons just right after not doing them for so long. That’s why I chose to go the easy route – find someone to do it for  me. I found a great website to go to for creating blog buttons. It’s “Grab My Button Code Generator” and exactly what I needed. Don’t have a blog button yet? Go there, and you’ll be saved much time on trying to figure out how to generate your own blog button.

According to an article by Michelle Trudeau’s on, the aging brain is less quick but more shrewd. But less quick doesn’t mean we can’t keep learning. People can learn new things as long as they live – even with a less-quick brain. Do not fear if it seems like it’s taking you a long time to learn the blogging phenomenon. Just as it took you awhile to graduate from baby steps to junior steps to teenage steps to adult steps, it will take awhile to get from being a beginner blogger to a blogging expert. Keep blogging, and don’t stop.

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