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Sushi, please

This past Saturday, the 11yo and I went out for sushi. One would
assume, as I did years ago, finding good sushi in the High Desert wouldn’t happen. Not true, my friends. There are quite a few Japanese restaurants in the area with more opening their doors all the time. (If only someone would open an authentic Ramen Noodle House, I’d be ecstatic.)

Lately, we have a particular spot we always go to. Samurai Sushi,
it’s on 7th street near the downtown area. When you walk through the
doors, you’re greeted with a resounding “Irasshaimase” and cheerful smiles from the chef and waiters/waitresses. (The chef sends each table a free appetizer and a dessert, we love this place.)

As a family, sushi is one of our favorite choices for a family night out on the town. Usually, our son sticks with teriyaki chicken and a few pieces of sushi. This particular night he decided to branch out and get a sushi roll instead.

We did big things. Sushi rolls, miso soup (seaweed, tofu, and broth), and sashimi (that’s raw fish without the ball of rice underneath). Oh yes, the boy eats raw fish. He’s been eating sushi since he was in preschool.

Times seems to be speeding up and the 11yo is getting older, he’ll be 12 next month. I pray our small family stays close and we don’t forget to treasure these moments. It seems like only yesterday he was eating his first bowl of miso.

I remember the waitress added ice cubes because it was hot. He was so small he couldn’t reach the table so he sat in a booster seat, clutching the spoon in his chubby little hands and carefully aiming it toward his pursed mouth.

Sigh…great, now I’m depressed. I might need another sushi night.

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