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A Little Chocolate and a Home Full of Memories

I love finding new recipes and new blogs.

Only in this case, the recipes are handed down and vintage with a modern spin, and the blogger, Ree Drummond, has been blogging since 2006. She and her husband live on a working horse ranch, raising four kids, and whipping up recipes for a TV show on Food Network. A the Pioneer Woman, she does all those things by choice.

Check out her lifestyle at:

She cooks, blogs, homeschools, blogs, and takes photographs good enough for professional use. And did I mention she blogs?

 I happened to come across her blog and TV show when they were highlighting Chocolate Day!! My favorite holiday.

  Ummm… chocolate dippers, truffles, and little creme parfaits with     chocolate that you can place in little jelly jars to give as gifts or to indulge   on a picnic… once the weather warms up.


  And coming up on Saturday, Fried Pies. I can smell them cooking from here: index/html

  It’s just 3 cups of flour, some sugar, and 4.5 cups of shortening, a little salt, 3 beaten eggs and one cup of rich buttermilk for texture. Such a simple one. Oh, and of course, your favorite filling. Mine happens to be rhubarb and strawberry. But you can go with apple or peach filling, too.

It’s so nice to warm up your kitchen for a good reason…

Rusty LaGrange

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