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Blog Resolutions for January 2013

Making new resolutions in January seems easy enough to do. When you make a resolution, you’re firmly deciding to do or not to do something. The hardest part, of course, is staying firm until you’ve done what you decided to do or not to do.

If you started a blog, one resolution is not going to see you through. Your blog will become successful because you firmly decide to blog and continue blogging and don’t allow life’s interruptions (they will happen) to keep you from staying determined to make your blog a success.

Why just rely on January resolutions? Renew that blogging resolution February 1st, March 1st and continue making it until you see the results you decided you want to see with your blogging.

I think one of the toughest decisions on beginning a blog is deciding on a niche. The question of which niche you should choose for a blog seems to cause confusion.

How do you know what to blog about? When it comes to blogging, you must have a reason, a niche, or a topic to blog about – something you enjoy, believe in, are passionate about, etc. It should resonate with your readers.

Readers. That word brings up another question. How do you find readers to read your blog? You’ll find a multitude of blogs on just about any topic you can think of. People who read blogs are looking for information about an idea, a gadget, a product, a book, etc. Bloggers and writers hear the advice to blog or write about what they know. Writing about what you know doesn’t necessarily mean you have to know all there is to know about the subject. Maybe you’ve just learned how to play tennis and you’re excited about it. Blog about it. Blog about why you decided to learn how to play tennis. When I flew from Texas to California last week, I sat by a 90-year-old man that is in great shape because he plays tennis three times a week! He made a firm decision to stay fit all of his life, and he does it. That gentleman and his wife and I talked about exercise, nutrition, and taking care of yourself. Our conversation made the flight go by so quickly because the topics we discussed were resonating. The couple asked what I do, and I told them about blogging and about a fabulous skin care product I have used every night for the last two weeks that I’m delighted with. The 90-year old gent’s wife got excited when I showed her what I was reading in the skincare magazine. I’m excited, too, because I am seeing results already. Mention a skin care product that helps with fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, aging skin, etc., and there is interest. We want to feel great and look great no matter what age we are.

What are your blog resolutions for January? Maybe it’s different than blogging about tennis or skin care products. But it’s what you believe in. It’s what works for you, how you can help others, a way to inform. It’s your niche. Blog about it.

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