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In times of sorrow, it’s the innocent who help us heal

In the early hours of what should be like any other day, tragedy poured through the media and airwaves in the HD as news spread of the shooting in CT. An outpouring of prayers and condolences have been on my Twitter and FB feed all day for the families and children impacted by the terrible actions of a sick individual. My stomach has been in knots all day from the horror of it all.

After picking up my son from school, we ran a couple of errands
and he turns to me, with an exuberant grin and eyes sparkling with excitement and tells me about his student leadership group’s plan for next week. “Mom, we’re going to go Christmas caroling.” He goes on to describe the group’s plans for the evening and our required duties for the event. (Don’t you love how kids live in the moment?)

As he was talking, all I can see are images of crying, terrified children being led away by teachers and fire dept. officials. I want to scream No I’m keeping you at home where I can keep you safe but I can’t. My son, our children deserve these fleeting moments in their childhood for Christmas carols, frozen noses, and laughing friends.  And by God, I’ll be there, freezing and
singing right along with him making sure it happens. Standing guard as only a mom can, with a smile on my face and a taser in my pocket (I’m kidding…kind of).

My heart weeps for the parents, children, and families in Newtown, CT. May our positive thoughts and prayers help ease their pain during this terrible time. I pray the sweet, singing voices and innocent laughter of these kids make it through the darkness and tears to help lighten the hearts of those burdened with grief and sorrow.

During the next few days, let’s not focus on the horrific choices this person made on a cold, winter morning (please don’t make him famous) but instead let’s cherish and remember the ones who matter the most, the families and the children.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. – Martin Luther King Jr.

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  1. Just a HD Mom's Gravatar Just a HD Mom
    July 26, 2013    

    Thank you very much and I agree. I think we shy away from these types of subjects because they are so very heart wrenching. I know I have trouble even just watching movies about children being hurt. As a society, we are supposed to protect the innocent so I think it strikes at our very core when we see something horrible like this happen.

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