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A family setting up at a flea market

Become a videographer. A fellow vendor at an antique shop where I have a booth mentioned to me that it would be nice if someone would video the flea market we were having. That’s an excellent idea! Especially since the few video clips of the flea market with my simple cell phone’s low-grade camcorder are not working up to par for uploading on my blog post, I was convinced that videographing would be a fantastic idea. You would need to ask permission for publication of those you video and a signature. Think about it, though. If you are videographing vendors selling their wares, then they might be grateful because the video can provide advertisement they can use in marketing their products.

Charging a fee

Come up with a reasonable fee you can charge vendors for your videography. If you’re just starting out, try keeping your prices low. Do a little research to see what newbie videographers are charging to get an idea how to set your fee.

Events/places to offer your videography services

  • Antique shop anniversary and holiday events
  • Birthday parties
  • Flea markets
  • Holiday events

Check out eBay or other online stores or visit camera equipment retail stores to research the type of equipment you want. You don’t have to begin with fancy equipment. Start with something inexpensive, and gradually add to it. Most of all, have fun making extra cash.

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