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How to Generate Cash Flow in 30 Days, Day 3

Tiered Plates

Flea market and haggling made the Number 3 of my 30-day list for generating cash flow. Look in your area for a flea market to set up a booth or table. Numbers 2 and 3 of the list complement each other. I rent a booth (Number 2 on list) at SmokeTree Junction. Every first Saturday of the month the antique shop hosts a flea market outside. People bring all sorts of items. It’s an opportunity to clean out your storage and eliminate the pack-rat syndrome and make some cash. You might be  a collector and want to sell your collectibles. Go for it!



The nice thing about the flea market being held at the antique shop is that the visitors can shop at the outdoor flea market or inside the shops.

A family setting up at a flea market








One of the flea market vendors brought things in her trailer that she remodeled inside. She put up insulation, drywall, and the result was a delightful little place for flea marketers to shop in. She sold aprons, antiques, vintage and costume clothing, and much more.

SmokeTree Flea Market Vendor








It’s beneficial to participate in the flea market days when you have a booth there. You can send customers inside to see other items for sale.

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