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High Desert Bartering

A High Desert Bloggers Meetup on Blogging & Bartering

High Desert Bloggers, a Meetup group, met in July to discuss bartering. The bloggers listed several items they have to barter and are looking to barter for.

What exactly is bartering? It’s an exchange of goods and services for other goods and services – a cashless transaction. Let me not forget to mention, though, it’s not a tax-less transaction. Nevertheless, bartering is a fun hobby for individuals and can come in handy for someone lacking extra funds who is looking for a particular item.

The early-civilization concept of bartering is becoming like new again especially in Hesperia and Apple Valley. That makes me think of the Ecclesiastes 1:9 verse that says there’s “no new thing under the sun”. It may be new to you or me, but bartering was practiced by the early Egyptians and even before that. Old or new, the concept is one that can be beneficial and is being practiced more often now in the High Desert.

Everyone has heard of “The Barter Kings”, right? It’s the TV show about two friends, Antonio Palazzola and Steve McHugh, from California’s High Desert cities Apple Valley and Hesperia. “Bartering is becoming a huge thing in the High Desert” says owner of If you have items you’d like to barter, contact the High Desert bartering website. You can upload images with your listings. No worries about adding your private contact information online at the site. Just fill out the contact form. High Desert Bartering can also be found on Facebook.

John and Marti Browne who offer the bartering services listed below are holding a grief therapy workshop in the High Desert next month. Enroll early in the workshop and get a discount. Read more about what the grief workshop has to offer you at our blog’s Event Page.

  1. Time Empowerment® Practitioner Services
  2. Master Hypnotherapist Services
  3. Master NLP Practitioner/Trainer Services
  4. Reiki Master Services
  5. Akashic Records Reader Services

Now go round up items in your home or garage you’ve been meaning to list on eBay or Etsy and try out High Desert Bartering.

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