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Writers are busy this summer in this hot high desert. It may be scorching hot, but that doesn’t stop these writers from writing and publishing their books. Yesterday the High Desert Branch of the California Writers Club (CWC) held their monthly meeting at the Apple Valley Library. A large group of authors gathered for a photo and submitted one of their books for display at the library.

High Desert Authors' Book Display, Apple Valley Library





Marilyn King, author of The Winds of Grace, spoke to the High Desert writers group about her experience and joy in writing. She writes fiction and makes character planning for her books a fun project. Marilyn, like many of the authors, have utilized individual critique groups offered by this branch of CWC. “You’ve got to have thick skin, and you can’t take it personal” she advised, explaining how the writers bring a copy of their chapters to be critiqued. Marilyn completed the critique process for her book, The Winds of Grace, and it is now published. Learn more about Marilyn and her beautiful new book at her website.

I want to congratulate another author, Joan Ambu, a High Desert Blogging network member, who has just published her new book of poetry. She has published previous books in French, and this one is in English. You’ll see more from Joan on High Desert Blogging. She is one of our own High Desert bloggers, and you’ll enjoy reading about her experience in writing and publishing.

Do you have a book you’ve been wanting to write but just don’t know where to begin? Visit the High Desert branch of the CWC held the second Saturday of each month at the Apple Valley Library. Often, the members of this group have conferences, speakers, and other exciting events available to attend. Once you’re a member, there are several types of critique groups. You’re sure to find the one that seems a perfect fit for that book you’re itching to write.

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