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High Desert Cactus

Hello high desert cactus huggers. If the northern California tree huggers can hug their trees, then we high desert folks can hug our cactus. And we can also transplant cactus. In my backyard is a ( I looked online for the name of this cactus but can’t find it), cactus that has so much over growth it had to be trimmed back.

cactus over growth

The first thing I did was to get a piece of ply-board and next got out my razor-blade knife. If you look online at other sites they recommend wearing gloves. I did and don’t anymore because the thorns get stuck in the gloves, and it’s almost impossible to get them all out; so there goes another good pair of gloves. It’s easier to pull the thorns out of my hands with a pair if tweezers.

Find a new place of growth and cut the cactus there.

Cut cactus where new growth begins

To transport the cactus the other sites say to wrap the piece of cactus with news paper. I don’t. I use tongs. That is a for sure way not to get poked and easier to get to in hard places. Now lay the cactus on the ply-board for a week or two in the shade. The cactus after being cut needs time to heal before you plant it in the ground. It’s like if you cut your finger then put it in dirt, that will make things worse so the same with cactus.

Healing time for the cactus/put in the shade

After it heals (and you’ll be able to tell by looking at it) then plant it with no water because water will rot the new roots and remember it’s a cactus. They live in the desert where there is no water. Bingo! Go plant it in the yard, in pots, or coffee cups, and place it in a window seal to get lots of sun. Hope y’all enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it and replanting cactus.

Cactus replanted in front yard

Cactus planted in pots

Cactus planted in a coffee cup

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