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Today is a busy blogging day.

First I met a blogging client for a one-hour blog coaching session. Then I blogged. And blogged. Then blogged some more. The neat thing about blogging in the 21st century is that you don’t have to write complete sentences. Well for some it’s a neat thing, maybe not for English majors. But for 21st century busy schedules and the texting era, short, incomplete sentences fit right in.

What kind of blogger are you? Anyone who wants to blog can blog. The more positive the blog, the more informative the blog, the more blog readers will want to read your blog. I’d like to introduce to you one of our bloggers at High Desert Blogging – just in case you haven’t met him yet.

Meet HDG. He’s the blogger of honor today. Today is his birthday. Not only that. He’s my other half, the guy I fell in love with way back when and married 33 years ago. In one of my other blogs I refer to him as Mr. Fun. I love to read his blog posts. For instance, he wrote one about a sifter he upcycled that makes you want to take the sifter off of the page and hang it on your wall.

Upcycled by HDG











Isn’t that the coolest sifter art you ever saw? I think so, too. But it belongs to HDG and me. I happen to love it because it matches my rustic cottage kitchen. However, if you would love to purchase one to match your kitchen, we do take orders. Email HDG or Angie at for sifter art colors to choose from.

Thank you for reading High Desert Blogging News!


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