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The High Desert has the most beautiful surroundings in Southern California. When i was young I didn’t believe so. I remember traveling with Mom and Dad and wondering why my mom would look around at the desert and say how beautiful it was. I saw it as a hot, dry place with no green trees to look at.

Lately I’ve been noticing the beauty everywhere. This morning at sunrise, I felt like the High Desert must be a little closer to God. The sky was slurry as I like to call it. The sun was coming over the horizon and in the top of the sky there was that sliver moon. Not silver, sliver. I find it fascinating how one week we can see the moon in it’s entirety and then we see the moon as a small crest, reminding us of the growth that will soon swell above us.
I spend a great deal of my time admiring the sky here in the High Desert. I’ve never lived before where there is such dramatic changes in the sky. I wonder why I didn’t see the beauty when I was small.
If I were a painter I would have taken my pallet to canvas this past week. If I was a singer I would have sang a song to the moon, the stars, the clouds and the sun. But I’m not a singer or an artist of paints so for now I will be satisfied with my gift, and that’s storytelling. Love to hear and tell a good story.

How about you?  Do you love to tell a good story?  Well the High Desert is full of stories.  Some of you have lived here for years and have some good ones to tell.  So come on, let’s hear them.  I’m listening.
Thanks for listening. Hope you have a story to tell soon.

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