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I leave every morning around 4:00 a.m. for work.  It’s a long ride to Torrance from the High Desert, but these mornings I have received special gifts. Monsoon weather brings joy to the commuter.  On Tuesday I received a spectacular gift.  Let me see if I can paint a picture for you.

I began my travel up through Phelan in an effort to reach the 138 highway.  Now it’s much closer to travel the 395 highway to the fifteen but being human I get bored with the same-O, same-O and I like to shake it up.  So I set out to travel the 138.  You’re probably thinking, so, so what the 138 is a well traveled road.  It is well traveled but this particular morning I seemed to be alone with the sky.

I looked in my rear view mirror and I got a gift.  The sun was just coming up over the horizon, fiery orange that morning, but leading into a still darkened sky of the western front.  Black clouds moving up to open the way for the sun that would later prove to sear the land.  My window was slightly open as to feel the real air of the morning, not the artificial air of my auto. A certain freedom brushed against my cheeks.

The monsoon weather produces unusual cloud formations and I could feel the darkness letting go, surrendering to the orange glow that creeped from the eastern morning.  I could feel the air, and the sky and the gifts that I was receiving at 4:00 a.m.

I went to work with a smile on my face and people asked me all day why I was so happy.  I merely responded it was because of my gift.  They looked at me as if I should have been a patient instead of a worker.  Oh well some gifts are special and need no words of explanation.  I hope that you too will think about a gift you’ve received, a gift that can not be purchased.

The High Desert provides many, they are all around us, and can’t be purchased with MasterCard.

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