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The joy of getting braces

Being Just a High Desert Mom (or dad) is not always a fun
job, my friends. There are times when we have to make the tough decisions that
are not always the most popular. Our son is in the process of getting braces. It’s
happening and the boy isn’t exactly ecstatic. However; the folks at Desert
Valley Dental Group in the high desert are very nice.






We made the down payment (yeah, it hurt a little). We’re committed
but let’s just say patience is the word of the day folks. Its multiple appointments
to put in spacers, cement bottom brackets, and then….and then… It’s enough to
make you feel a little overwhelmed and I’m not even the one in the chair!

Everyone has been very kind though. They explain everything
we need to know and answer all of our questions, including the doctor. He is so
patient with our son. This is one 11 year old who isn’t shy about his questions
or concerns what is going on. “Hey, it’s my mouth we’re talking about here!”

The first couple of appointments were pretty easy. They were
more of consultations than anything else. We discussed our options and when was
the best time to put braces on our son. Personally, I don’t like feeling
pressured into getting any kind of procedure done but I didn’t feel that way
here. In fact, I waited a year and a half before we made the final decision to
get braces for the boy. Talk about no pressure.

But now we’re getting into the serious stuff. Metal rings
are being cemented, appliances are being ordered (huh?), and brackets will be
placed soon. It sounds horrible when I type it out but it won’t be that bad.
All I can say is thank goodness that my dentist recommended such an awesome orthodontist

I like to joke around with our son during the appointments to help put his mind at ease. He’s putting on a brave face but I know he’s pretty nervous about the whole thing. Lucky for me, the staff is very empathetic to our son’s feelings. So far things are going good and I’m going to keep my
fingers crossed that they stay that way.


In fact, I asked our son if he had any worries or concerns
about getting braces. He asked to look at the list of foods he couldn’t eat
while he had braces, “Wait, I have to give up steak AND popcorn? That’s just

It might be wrong but when he has a beautiful smile he’ll
thank us. Okay maybe he won’t thank us right away. Truth is he probably won’t
thank us until he has his own kids and has to pay for braces himself.

Did I mention being a High Desert Mom (or dad) isn’t always
a fun job?

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