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Remembering Their First School Day

It’s been many years since my daughter stood at the bus stop for her first day of school. In the more remote areas of the High Desert you can see for miles and watch vehicles approaching your area. Those big yellow buses, always a curiousity to younger children, grew ominous and scary as the time approached for them to climb aboard.



I can still hear their excited and nervous chatter in anticipation. But when it arrived, everything changed…


First Day of School

         FIRST DAY

            Little birds fluttering over the bus stop,

            Soft eyes and smiles like hers.

            Beating incessantly, flustered in waves

            Within the wind’s tumbling gusts

            As cars whiz by.

            Joyous courage, wings of power

            Driving onward beyond pavement

            To the limitless sky.

            It stops: the doors open in one swoosh,

            a breath, a gasp.

            Little birds, hovering once, at the point

            Where hearts are torn and dreams are born.


By Rusty LaGrange © 1995

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  1. August 9, 2012    

    Those first days of school hold sweet memories for me, too. I always took a photo of my son standing by the front door in this little uniform. Ah, memories are so sweet.♥

  2. Monica's Gravatar Monica
    August 9, 2012    

    I love it.Watching my little one grow up is bittersweet, my heart breaks just a little bit each year. The hubby laughs at me but I think he secretly feels the same way. He clutches my hand just as tightly as I’m clutching his.

  3. August 10, 2012    

    We took our daughters to school, but I remember when I rode the bus to school. That only lasted a short time since I was not thrilled about riding the bus. So Daddy always drove me to school after that. Spoiled? Of course! I was the baby of the family.

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