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Did you see it? Last night, as I drove home from visiting my father in the hospital, I received a spectacular light show in the desert. I’ve lived her a few years and I don’t think I have experienced this beautiful sight of nature.
Over and over again, the night was filled with streaks of lightening. Gorgeous and captivating, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. I pulled over on the side of the road. The night was dark other than the light show. The sky was black, other than the light show.
I imagined other times, when the desert was less populated. I wondered what the animals of the desert were thinking during a light show of such magnitude. Perhaps, they gathered together, sitting on the ridge, watching in awe, like an outdoor movie.
I have a vivid imagination so as I sat there and watched I thought of many scenarios. Some of them reminded me of a “Flintstone moment.” What would Betty and Wilma do in this situation? Maybe get up on the top of their car and enjoy the scene that nature was playing for them. I wasn’t that brave and I’m too old to climb on the top of my car.
I was reminded of another scene that I haven’t thought of in many years. Coming from the Midwest, I remembered one summer evening at my grandma’s. My sister and I were sleeping upstairs, in my grandma’s house. Of course we were sharing the bed because those were the sleeping arrangements there. Being upstairs was creepy in itself, but that night there was a spectacular lightning storm. My sister and I lay there in the bed, watching the light show through the thin nylon curtains that covered the window. I remember thinking, what was the purpose of those curtains because they were sheer and you could see clearly through them.
The shutters were flapping back and forth in the wind, and as the lightning continued to crackle we snuggled closer to each other, weathering the storm together. The sky was dark, other than the lightening. The night seemed to wear on, and we were sure that it was the end of the world.
So last night I was reminded of this childhood memory. Through the magnificence of nature, memories were stirred.

Nature, powerful, awesome, full of memories

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  1. High Desert Greg's Gravatar High Desert Greg
    July 15, 2012    

    Mother love,

    Angie and I were also watching the light show. I told her it would be many more years before we would see anything like this again. What would the animals be thinking? Well, it’s like this, Mr Jack Rabbit rolls over in bed and said’s to Mrs. Jack Rabbit,” tell those kids to stop playing with the LIGHTS !!! “.


  2. July 15, 2012    

    Mother Love, the light show was magnificent! It reminded me of the lightning Texas gets so often. The difference is that in Texas, it is terrifyingly close! Thanks for sharing your light show experience and the memories it brought back. Loved reading this.

  3. July 16, 2012    

    How wonderful to be able to see something so spectacular!

  4. July 16, 2012    

    While you were enjoying Mother Nature’s fireworks, we too, were sitting out on lounge chairs enjoying the show. Almost every summer when, the the t-stoms roll in, we can’t wait to grab our chairs, a glass of iced tea, and stretch out under the canopy of huge billowing clouds. This last storm spread from east and north of Barstow all the way toward Yucca Valley. You could see the flashes bounding across miles of sky. Truly spectacular.

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