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Another Stalker Bug of the High Desert – The Squash Bug

Ever since Rusty recently blogged about the High Desert Stalker “Bed Bug” I have been curious as to whether these two beetles are related since they look almost exactly alike.

I currently do daily Squash Bug Patrol in my garden. I’ve squished as many as 50 of these in one day and given them to our chickens. They are quite a treat for the chickens but literally suck the life out of squash, melons, pumpkins, cucumbers and watermelons.

We lost so many squash last year to these nuisances that I am determined to keep that from happening this year.  So far so good since I’m on the hunt, doing daily Squash Bug Patrol.  I find most of them right after watering in the morning or evening.  They apparently don’t like getting wet and I find them crawling up to the top of the leaves of the plants and then I nab them. I found a whole nest of them at the base of one of our squash plants.  The more I watered the more beetles kept crawling out of the inside of our straw bale raised bed garden at the base of one of my Zucchini squash plants.




Having a Minor in Science, I was used to dissecting all sorts of things in college.  When beginning to check out a little more about this ” squash sucker”, I discovered that it has it’s own little straw that it uses to suck the juice out of the squash.  I lifted it’s”straw”up with a toothpick to look at it more carefully.

All can say is that if you have planted any squash, pumpkins, melons, watermelons or cucumbers, be on the look out for these destructive beetles and get rid of them quickly because they multiply at record speed.

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