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Good Morning High Desert from Mother Love

On this Sunday morning 2012 the day proves to be a hot one. The day begins early in the desert. Those of us who have chores to do outside will begin the day early so that they will get out of the hot sun. Lemonade and tea drinkers will replenish the sweat that drips from their brows. The tasty salt will be soaked up into the pores and a time of dancing will grace our hearts as we watch how God will give the plants their life.

Some of us will lazily kick back in our beds, cognizant that tomorrow is a work day. Our minds will race towards how to accomplish all that we need to do in our busy week. Others will go to church and celebrate their faith along with friends and family, coming home to a Sunday meal.

I can remember what we did most Sunday’s when I was growing up. This was a time for family, a Sunday meal around a table with four chairs. My mother and father would talk about their dreams, hopes and desires and we the children would enjoy the once a week more lavish meal my mother would cook. Usually we would have some really good pot roast with potatoes and carrots. I always loved dessert, still do, and in the summer we’d have such sweet confections as strawberry shortcake, the sweet fruit coming from a garden she would plant in the backyard.

Then there was the Sunday drive. My father wasn’t particularly fond of the Sunday drive. I always got the feeling that he’d rather lay on the couch and read the Sunday newspaper but my mom wanted to get the family out of the house. We’d pile into our car, no seatbelts in those days, and drive down to Long Beach. Sometimes we’d get a special treat and get out of the car, walk down to the sand with our bare feet and put our toes in the water.

Those were special times, times when we understood how joyous and simple life could be. I challenge all of you today to spend some family time with any family, friend or spouse in the High Desert. Make some memories on this hot June Sunday. They may be memories that your children, family or friends carry in their hearts long after you have departed. Love is all around us, if we share it.

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