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How to Start a Fire of Emotion in Public Speaking

Posted by on April 22, 2012

What starts a fire?

Okay, let’s see, matches, flint, rub sticks together, lighting strikes, or an ignorant kid with a cigarette lighter in the closet flicks it and starts a fire in the closet and burns down the house (that really did happen to a friend of mine in Texas).

Source: via Roger on Pinterest


In my last blog I showed you what to do with emotion in your public speaking and how you can have power in the room. Now I will teach you how to start that fire of emotion. Bear in mind, not everyone will relate to this. But so be it.

What I do is fast. Fasting will help you to focus on your subject because food will be out of the picture. If you have never fasted, then this is very strange to you and I do understand. When I was in an improv comedy troupe, the director would encourage us to fast before a show. I have been on many fasts, short ones and extended fasts (more than three days – well I have done a lot longer than that and if I told you, you would never believe it).

In order to have a successful fast you must have a made up mind that you will not break the fast until the day you decided to end it. If your mind is not made up to fast, at the very first hunger pain you will be running to the refrigerator.

The benefit of fasting is simple: you are more sensitive to your surroundings. You will be more alert around people and will be more tuned in to their needs, and that in itself will be worth a little hunger pain.

In my next blog I will teach you how to fast. Until then enjoy this wonderful high desert heat.


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