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Spring Rain Flowers in the High Desert

Raindrops from spring showers bring out the beauty in desert flowers.

The recent High Desert rain reminded me to check my flowers and plant for raindrops. It’s a simple pleasure that I find in gardening – looking for raindrops on the flowers after a rain shower.

First I noticed the California Poppy Plant had grown huge in a very short time. Incidentally, these plants grow fast and are easy to plant. All I did to make this plant grow was to place every little stem with leaves back into the dirt, gave it a little time and rain, and here it is:

California Poppy Plant

Then I saw the lovely poppies and wondered if I might by chance see any raindrops. YES! There was one with a raindrop that was big enough to see on the camera.

California Poppies with Raindrops

Right next to the little poppies are the irises. These are the royal looking maroon and gold ones, and LOTS of raindrops covered this one beauty.

The High Desert is known for its extreme hot and cold seasons, but the irises and California poppies grow well in this climate. Other flowers that commonly grow well here include roses, pansies (in cooler weather), lavender, and salvia.

Which flowers have you been successful with in your High Desert garden? Take a moment to comment. I’d love to hear about your garden flowers.

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