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High Desert’s Improv Class

Guest Blogger Andrew Block from Darwin’s A-Team

Whew. Another Sunday of class and fabulous improvin’… This week we did exercises that help us improve our trust in our partners while in scene. One thing to remember when you’re up on the stage fishing for an idea is to trust in your partner to fill in that space. If both of you flounder, then just grab the first thing that comes to mind and run with it. This philosophy can save a scene and produce some truly funny results.

Also, I noticed that our class is shrinking… Say it ain’t so! Where are all our improv actors?! Did we do something to scare you off? If so, I’m sure all of us are sorry! Those of you that just have bigger, better things to do (though I can’t imagine what’d be more important than improv), we hope to see you return soon.

Once again, we have a show coming up at the end of March and hope to see you Darwin’s A-Team fans out there in the seats! And, as always, you can come to class and also fill the seats there! Until next time… For more details check out our website and our Facebook page Darwin’s A-Team.

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