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Leap Day Blogging News in the High Desert

High Desert newbie or wannabe blogger, entrepreneur, writer, make history on Leap Day. What can you do with an extra day of blogging opportunity?  Listed below is a list of six things I’ve heard bloggers say recently that they want to do. Which of these fit you?

  1. Launch a blog for a business
  2. Start a blog to write that book you’ve been dreaming about forever
  3. Start a business blog
  4. Connect with other bloggers to share and learn about blogging
  5. Develop an existing blog to bring in extra cash flow
  6. Drive traffic to a blog

Anyone can say it’s easy to blog, and it is. But a plan does help. Start without a plan, and you end up with a blog that just exists. It only takes up space. That’s what happened to my first blog a few years back.

Decide today to make your blogging goals happen. Stop what you’re doing. Find a pen and paper. Write down your blog plan. Need to start a blog? Name the blog, buy a domain with the hosting company of your choice – and blog.

Connect with other bloggers. Network. Look up High Desert Bloggers Meetup, and find a scheduled Meetup in your area. These Meetups are free, and they will motivate you to accomplish your goals.

Coming March 31, 2012 to the High Desert is a blogging workshop. Utilize this opportunity to grow your blog. It will be a time to learn about blogging and to network. Find out more this week at High Desert Blogging.

Go blog!


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