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Flowers to Plant as Spring Nears in the High Desert

High Desert Snapdragons

Pansies and snapdragons make pretty garden flowers even when it snows like it has this evening in the High Desert. How can one resist planting such garden beauty displayed by these vibrantly colored flowers?

People say that you can see the jaws of a dragon head snap closed when you squeeze the sides of the flower. They do make a gorgeous array of colors in a garden and grow nearly all year in my garden though they are cool-season annuals. Next to some of my snapdragons is planted a salvia. Petunias are also very colorful and look beautiful planted near snapdragons. Plant your snapdragons in early spring – unless you’ve already started planting them like I have.  It’s already been feeling quite like spring, though.

Another flower that looks colorful and pretty near snapdragons and just about anywhere in a garden is the marigold. I’ve had just as much fun squishing the seeds from the marigold as I have planting them. Last spring I planted a vegetable garden and planted marigolds in my tomato garden.  The marigolds keep pests away from vegetable and fruit gardens.

Plant a lot of snapdragons, pansies, salvia, and petunias in your spring garden. Plant plenty so that you’ll have enough to enjoy in your garden and also bring the color inside with bouquets of your garden lovelies.



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