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High Desert Everyday Survival Kit that Will Help Your Blogging

Here is a High Desert everyday survival kit: a toothpick, rubber band, Band-aid, pencil, eraser, chewing gum, candy kiss, tea bag. Here’s why:

TOOTHPICK: to remind you to pick out the good qualities in others. This includes your kids. And remember if you’ve got a supervisor, boss, or owner of the company who never say a word about your work and you know you are doing the very best you can, say out loud to yourself a big thank you.

RUBBER BAND: to remind you to be flexible, things may not always go the way you would like, but it will all work out. Just wait and see. If you’re brittle you will break, and all the little things you fret about is not worth having a heart attack over. Fifty years from now nobody will even know.

BAND AID: to remind you to heal hurt feelings, yours or someone else’s. Humans are emotional creatures. Learn to control your emotions.

PENCIL: to remind you to list your blessings. Hey, you could be dead, but you’re above ground so thank your God. You’ve got friends, family, food, house, a vehicle-if not a car catch a bus.

ERASER: to remind you that everybody makes mistakes. When my daughter was little and she would spill her milk I would tell her, it’s okay, baby, even big people spill their milk too. I never condemned her for making everyday mistakes. So if you’re a High Desert nitpicker, go get an eraser now.

CHEWING GUM: to remind you to stick with it. You can accomplish anything. I went to a private party to raise money for the disabled kids. One of the “disabled” kids who just won a gold medal in the handicap Olympics said in his speech, “We may be disabled, but if you remove the “dis” then we’re “able”. I stood there thinking, OMG, I’ve got two good legs and arms and I never won a gold medal.

CANDY KISS: to remind you that everyone needs a hug and kiss. Get ‘er done.

TEA BAG: to remind you to relax and take a break . Smell the flowers while you drink your favorite tea.

After reading this, it should make you blog like a house on fire. Get ‘er done.

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