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Clutter in the High Desert

Messy Car

The economy must be getting really bad in the High Desert land. One sunny day sitting at a coffee shop next to Lowe’s in Apple Valley I was doing what I do best, sitting. A car pulled up to park. It was an older vehicle, and the driver looked around mid 30ish. There was something else I noticed. His car was full of paper, not like recycle stuff, but trash like Burger King wrappers and paper coffee cups, newspapers, lots of paper and junk. It was stacked up to the level of the top of the seat. The passenger seat next to him was full, the back seat completely full of trash. When Mr. Hoarder got out of the car, he shut the door then LOCKED it. You know, it’s a good thing he did. There are a lot of criminals on the streets these days, and if you leave your door unlocked, those bad guys will sneak up real slowly,  reach up, slowly open that door and steal a paper cup!

If you’re reading this blog, I’m sure you’re not a teenager or a college student. Most likely you’re in your fifties or older. Looking back I cringe at things I’ve said and done. Some of it I meant well, and other times it was out of pure stupidity on my part. Hindsight is a learning time and a time of regrets. But no one can change the past, and the only option we have now is working on changing the future  in our short lives.

In your clutter life it’s time to clean out the trash. Open all the doors, and start ripping out all the papers, wrappers, and coffee cups. Then do yourself a favor. Burn that old car, set it on fire so it will never tempt you to go back hoarding your past. Truth will set you free, and now you’re free to blog some awesome blogs.

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  1. Stage Goddess's Gravatar Stage Goddess
    October 25, 2012    

    Dear High Desert Greg, Yep I have seen some of those cars packed to the brim with junk…it is hilarious that that person bothered to lock his car. Who is going to steal it??? lol….It is just too much the way some people let their “stuff” take over their lives. Having said that…oops…I have a den that is full of boxes from moving 3 years ago…uh oh…I have some cleaning and organizing to do…haha thanks for the blog…loved it.

  2. Stage Goddess's Gravatar Stage Goddess
    October 31, 2012    

    To HD Greg…I got your reply and question about my acting…however I never saw it here on this site…oh well. Yes I have been and am a stage actress of the classical type for about 25 years. Had my own non profit Shakespearean Acting Troupe for a while and have acted in many plays – musical and non- of all types all over the Inland Empire…I should blog about some of that soon…some interesting stories…I think anyway…lol. And to your other blog, Yes! I am certainly voting. It is the most important duty and privilege that we citizens have. I am also working as one of the clerks on election day so I will be voting early…Thanks for writing! SG~

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