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How to Write Posts That Will Drive Traffic to Your High Desert Blog

Find out how to write posts to increase your blog traffic. Posts that are too short and do not contain useful keywords can hinder SEO traffic. Leave out unnecessary details, however. Get your point across. No need to write extra detailed sentences just to get your word count up to 300 or 500.

One of my friends began a website a few years back on quilts. She loves them. She started out excited about the new website, but it didn’t take long until she gave up. Why? No readers. No page views. What a disappointment it was to her.

Got a talent or a hobby you blog about but no readers? Blog every day. Try this test. Blog once a day for one week. Then the next week blog twice a day. Notice any difference? Now imagine blogging fifteen to twenty articles every day like my friend did when he started blogging.

Don’t have time to blog several times a day? That’s why you need to team up with a blog network like High Desert Blogging is launching. If you blog twice a day and every other blog member blogs twice a day, imagine the traffic you’ll see directed to your blog then. Membership is now available for High Desert bloggers. Ask how you can join this blog network  today.




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