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Challenges of Committed Blogging – Hunger and Circulation

Squash and Brussels Sprouts

Two challenges that face a committed blogger who is determined to blog several posts for an upcoming week are hunger and circulation. Take care of that circulation problem. That’s not a good thing. Make yourself stand up, move your feet, stretch your legs, do leg exercises while you’re sitting. Walk around the house, or the coffee shop if that’s your blogging office. Walk outside. Even five minutes at a time will help. You’ve gotta move.

A number of remedies can help your leg circulation problem if you’re sitting for hours while blogging. Try foot massagers and hot baths. Both will relax you. According to one article, you should take a bath as hot as you can stand.

Hunger is another challenge a committed blogger may face. A hunger challenge in America? Okay, if you’re at home, no problem. But if you’ve had any experience with Internet connection problems, you might have to go to a coffee shop where Wi-Fi is available. A penny-pinching blogger who spends hours at a coffee shop to blog may get hungry after a few hours. It’s a hassle to pick up the laptop, drive home to eat or to the local $1 taco eatery to curb the hunger pangs.

So what does one do when the hunger pangs start? One can only make suggestions or share personal experiences – start with these:

  • Go look at the coffee shop’s pastry bar and find the one with the lowest calorie and price listing. You’ll ignore the hunger pang and go back to blogging.
  • Ask your spouse to watch your things while you go to the local $1 taco shop
  • Send your spouse to the local $1 taco shop to bring back a taco or two
  • Drink a cup of ice water
  • Go to your Pinterest account and add a new board called Comfort Foods
  • Pin your favorite food photos on your Pinterest board and blog about them
  • Give in and purchase a bagel and cream cheese!



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