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High Desert Blogger Discovers Love and War Story Near Knott’s Berry Farm

Couple Tells High Desert Blogger Love and War Story

Part Three of High Desert Blogger Discovers Love and War Story Series

Aurora had been divorced for fifteen years and was as beautiful as she is today. You know every doctor, staff guy, and the homeless wanted to marry her in that day. She said she never felt it was time yet until she saw Joe again. Goodbye, boyfriend; hello, Joe. They have been married for twenty-six years and love to travel. They have flown forty-six flights together.

So Angie and Bill were still talking shop across the aisle, and I was being blessed with these people. Back to Black Angus Steakhouse, the table with their names on it, the wine and candles. Why the special treatment? The owner of the restaurant sits with them. Has that ever happened to you, High Desert guy eating at IHOP? For the last twenty years every Friday, Saturday, and used to be on Sundays, Mr. and Mrs. Orosco have reserved the same table.

Joe did have children; they were in the wedding. She never had children, but she has her only love, Joe. Thank you, Joe and Aurora. I felt I was sitting with a king and his queen; and thank you for serving our great USA.

Now High Desert cactus huggers, I have a question for you from this story. What do the Oroscos and the blogging system have in common? Stop and think about it without looking. What connection would there be? Give up? Okay, it’s consistency. If the Oroscos came and went like Angie,  Bill, and I did, no wine candles and no perks, but they were consistent and never stopping whether rain, sunshine, snow (har har har, it doesn’t snow in southern Cali) but because Joe and Aurora stayed faithful, guess what. The owner of Black Angus Steakhouse would sit with them. I will liken the owner as BINGO!!  The advertiser’s seeking you out, the money people. Is that not what you want from blogging, making money at home like Bill Belew? Yes, you can be free. As one poet said, “Consistency, consistency, thou art a jewel.”

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