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High Desert Blogger Discovers Love and War Story Near Knott’s Berry Farm

Couple Tells High Desert Blogger Love and War Story

Part Two of High Desert Blogger Discovers Love and War Story Series

The service shipped Joe off overseas to the South Pacific Theater. Joe was a gunner, 50 caliber, making himself known to the enemy in New Guinea. The bad guys really didn’t like Joe – he kept shooting at them. After three years of fighting for our country and spending some time in a Philippines hospital, his ear drums were in pretty bad shape from shooting 50 calibers all day. (Note: Joe is 85 years old now and has never been in any hospital since the war was over. He has perfect health.)

Joe returned to the States, went back to the old neighborhood, and there was no Aurora, no address, and no phone number. She had moved.  There was no Internet to find the lost loved one. Aurora moved near Los Angeles and got married. Joe found a wife, and life moved on.

Twenty-nine years later Joe was working as a supervisor at a Medical Center (I cannot recall where). There were 1200 employees at this complex. Poor Joe had lost his wife a year earlier. He and another work buddy were riding a golf cart and passed somebody he recognized. U- turn. It was Aurora’s sister. He found out Aurora also worked at the same complex!! Joe found her office and walked by it a few times to make sure it really was Aurora. She thought somebody was stalking her and told her boyfriend. Finally, Joe approached Aurora. She didn’t recognize him because in 29 years his hair had turned from black to gray, and he had put on ten pounds. She thought it was Joe’s brother.

Part three to be continued January 24th

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