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High Desert Blogger Discovers a Love and War Story Near Knott’s Berry Farm

Red Roof Inn Near Knott's Berry Farm

Part One of High Desert Blogger Discovers Love and War Story Series

At the Red Roof Inn on Highway 91 and Beach Road, Angie and I met Mr. Bill Belew for a High Desert meeting to talk about cool stuff like how to make money blogging since this is how Bill makes a living full time. As typical High Desert people we were hungry, and next door was a Black Angus Steakhouse …Mmmm. The table across from our table was reserved. Okay, no big deal; we had our table talking and so on. Close to 7:00 pm a cute elderly couple came in and sat at the reserved table. They were both dressed up nice, and the waiter brought them their wine. Just above their heads on the wall were two candles. After they sat down, the waitress lit the candles. I said to Bill, “Man, what’s up with this? Are they rich or famous movie stars? Hey! Are we on a reality show?” Bill leaned toward them and asked, “What are you celebrating?” The lady invited me over to sit next to her, and that was where the story began.

His name is Joe. Her name is Aurora. I looked on the table and saw a brass plaque that read, “Forever reserved for Joe and Aurora from a special guy.” Joe was twenty-one. Aurora was sixteen, and he was the first guy to ever kiss her. Wow! Bill was at the other table with Angie talking shop. Aurora went on to tell how the war had started and Joe had to leave to serve in the war.

Part Two to be continued January 23rd

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