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John Margotta Ferrara ROCKS!!

John Margotta Ferrara's Photography

Welcome High Desert enthusiast! What a wonderful treat to have such a great talented professional photographer in our High Desert midst, John Margotta Ferrara. Photographer for 60 years is displaying some of his works at the Eclipse Art Gallery. I call it his photo art because it reminds me of the art work of the great artist Salvador Dali. Mr. Dali’s art style became known as surrealism but based on dreams. Dali drew everyday items but changed them in odd ways. So the same is said about John Ferrara photo art. He would take a simple pickup truck and place it in the middle of a lake. And to think Mr. Ferrara was doing this type of work way before digital cameras were developed.

I own a Nikon Coolpix 5200 point-and-shoot camera, paid 500 bucks for it before I went to Iraq for a year and a half. My pocket-size camera does it all, landscape, sports, night portrait, and so on – you get the picture. Whatever I can’t do I have Photoshop which can do anything and everything, yet John Ferrara was doing the same things but only using 35 mm film and a dark room. He also photographed portraits, landscapes, and big 18-wheelers.

Tomorrow, January 21, 6 pm to 8 pm, John Ferrara is scheduled to be at the Eclipse Art Gallery, 18361 Bear Valley Rd., Apple Valley, right across the road from Victor Valley College to have a “conversation with the artist” time. All you High Desert folks, after you chase coyotes away from your pets, go clean up some and spend some time with a great professional photographer, John Margotta Ferrara.

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