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Desert Beauty

Beauty is found in the desert in the most simplest ways that touch the senses. During this Christmas season I’ve been  privileged to see these simple desert beauties, treasures of a friend.

Relaxing in the desert takes you away from the fast pace of the city. Just a few hours spent in the desert with friends recently made me feel very aware of nature’s beauty. In the first photo I was taking in the contrast of desert sand and mountain snow. That gorgeous colorful rock in the second photo amazed me. I absolutely love natural colors like that. The swing in the next photo brings one word to mind: relaxing.  The cat and I quickly became friends. It’s a very loving cat that stands on its hind legs to be noticed.

Nature -whether desert sand, rocks, or a cat – brings joy to the heart, especially when one is not in a hurry. Sitting in a swing in the middle of the desert with your shoes kicked off brings a sense of relaxation. Well, maybe the shoes should stay on lest a snake notice the feet. However, snake skins do make nice pieces of art. But that’s another story we’ll save for a later date.

Find the beauty in your Christmas season.

Merry Christmas!

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