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High Desert Seasons

People who like the different seasons could become accustomed to living in the High Desert. Of course, you’re going to have summer. It’s desert. But the High Desert also has autumn, winter, and spring – sometimes all in one week. Like this week. You like snow? We’ve had snow this week.

A High Desert Farm with Snow

How about beautiful days when the sun shines, and the weather is just right? Not too hot. Not too cold. That’s perfect weather. California weather. Then there is rain, like today. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention the wind (which is on its way by tomorrow I hear).

I can’t resist taking pictures of nature. You have to be quick with those kind of photos, however. For instance, one morning this week my husband and I were going down the hill. He said, “Look at the sun.” He was driving, and I was half asleep. Barely opening my eyes, I looked at the sunrise. Neither of us had seen a sunrise exactly like that one. Snapping out of my sleepiness, I dug for my camera in my tote bag. I tried different settings, but none captured the sunrise exactly as we saw it. The camera settings made it look hazy. The sunrise didn’t look hazy. The color looked vibrantly red-orange. When you have moments, barely seconds, and certainly not minutes to capture nature settings on a simple digital camera, it’s a miracle if the results turn out good. My camera is equipped with several settings that work well most of the time. But quick mode wasn’t included in the settings. I took the pictures anyway. Check out the results. Like we sometimes say, it is what it is.

Thank you for visiting High Desert Blogging. Happy Holidays!

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