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Arts and Crafts Business Blog Network Series Part 2

Part 2 of the Arts and Crafts Business Blog Network Series

How do you know what type of arts and crafts business is best for you? I think you should choose the one that brings you the most joy and fulfillment and extra income. One of the crafts ladies I met at the Norco arts and crafts fair makes nightlights out of wine bottles. They were painted and looked very pretty. She mentioned that she works a full-time job and makes the wine bottle nightlights as a hobby. This hobby provides her with extra income.

Another crafts lady makes blankets, jewelry, and wedding crafts. She makes jewelry for different occasions and assists brides in finding wedding flowers and decorations.

One possibility you might consider is an arts and crafts team if you and your spouse both enjoy arts and crafts. I met a senior talented crafts lady at the craft fair that makes rag rugs that are just beautiful. She and her husband make a wonderful team together. He makes wooden step stools, cute sleigh clocks, and funny sayings printed on sleighs. I was immediately attracted to a heart rag rug in this lady’s booth. The rug reminded me of a heart rug that my mother made years ago. She and my aunt used to make braided rag rugs made out of sheets.

It helps to make a list or a word map of all the arts and crafts that interest you. Then narrow the list down until you have your niche. Blog about your niche. Connect with other bloggers within the same niche. Join a network that will cause traffic to your blog. These tips will

Come back tomorrow to see photos on the Norco arts and crafts fair and to read more on this Blog Network Series.


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