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Do you have an at-home arts and crafts business or want to make in making extra income through an arts and crafts? Learn about business blogging in this Blog Network Series or visit High Desert Bloggers Meetup Group to learn how to start a blog.

Yesterday I went to an annual Christmas craft fair with my husband and my friends in Norco, the horse town down the hill from the High Desert. This was my husband’s first trip to the craft fair. He and I both met craftspeople that told us about their crafts, how they learned how to make them, or how they started their craft business. The arts and crafts business is popular especially between Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. All of the entrepreneurs I spoke with work out of their home to make their crafts. If you’re interested in starting your own arts and crafts at-home business, consider one of these ten ideas:

  1. Arts and crafts architecture
  2. Photography
  3. Rug crafts
  4. Puppet crafts for autism
  5. Wedding  crafts
  6. Fashion crafts (jewelry, belts, hats, garments, etc.)
  7. Decorative crafts (Metalwork, stained glass, furniture making, etc.)
  8. Paper crafts
  9. Textile crafts (fabric, yarn, knitting, etc.)
  10. Painted wine bottle nightlights

I saw a few of the above-mentioned crafts at the Norco crafts fair.  Some of the crafts people sell online at arts and crafts marketplaces like and However, few that I spoke with blog about their products. Don’t pass up the opportunity to sell your product by blogging about it. Tell about the history of your crafts, take photos and post them on your blog, advertise the crafts, and add a PayPal button so people can purchase them. Join a blog network so that more people can find your blog.

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