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Holiday Party Appetizers

What type of holiday party appetizers do you enjoy? When I go to the California Writers Club, High Desert branch, we enjoy coffee and snacks. When I meet with the members of my Meetup group, we like to drink coffee and eat a snack. People often have a snack on break at work five days a week. Snacking is part of our lifestyles. Of course, during the Christmas season Americans probably snack and eat more than any other season of the year. December is a month full of festivities, a time to make favorite recipes for parties. Thanksgiving may be only one or two days of eating turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes or yams and pumpkin pie. However, Christmas is celebrated the whole month of December with parties at work, with families and friends, church family, and networking groups, etc. That means there is a lot of baking, cookies, candy, pies, and sweet breads. Diabetics must have a difficult time staying away from so many sweets. Many people, though, are health conscious and are careful to balance even the snacks with fruits, vegetables, cheese and other non-sweet foods. Look below at a few healthy appetizers you may want to bring to your December parties.

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