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Autumn Gardening in the High Desert


Shrubs, annuals, and perennials that have grown well in my gardener friend’s High Desert garden are:

  • Nandina Bamboo, commonly known as Heavenly Bamboo, though it’s not actually a bamboo. The Nandina has vibrant red leaves and produces a bright red berry that ripens in late fall and can last through the winter. The Nandina is a shrub and is toxic to cats and grazing animals.







  • Ground Cover Rosemary – bursts with little blue flowers, is drought tolerant, pest resistant, easy to propagate a clipping from existing plant

    • Iceberg Roses

Pink Breath of Heaven – an evergreen bush, pretty and gets covered in tiny pink flowers in winter

Here are a few other plants that are native to high desert climates:

  • Pampas Grass


Source: via Wendy on Pinterest

  • Miscanthus Morning Light (variegated maiden grass)
  • Sedum (Autumn Joy)

  • Artemesia Tridentata (Big Sage)

I love the colors of autumn and have had success with the Autumn Joy sedum and rosemary in my High Desert gardens. Pansies are beautiful for autumn garden landscaping and the perfect cool weather flower.

Which annuals and perennials have you been successful with in your High Desert gardening?

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