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Desert Fog and Clouds

Fog and clouds in the High Desert intrigue me. I’ve been an observant fan of the two science subjects since I was a young student in school and would do reports on them. I’m fascinated by the movement of the fog and how it appears as a wall. One one side of the wall the sky can be clear and blue; on the other side there’s a dense fog. You can drive down the hill from the High Desert where it was clear at 3500 ft. or above and see a thick  fog hovering over the Riverside and San Bernardino cities like in this recent sunrise photo that I took. You can see the sunrise layer just above the white fog covering the cities.

Clouds of the High Desert are sometimes unusual like the flying saucer clouds shown in this photo:

Flying saucer clouds are called lenticular clouds that are lens-shaped and that form at high altitudes where there are mountains. I’m always amazed by the uniqueness of these lenticular formations. When one sees such nature’s attraction, a camera is a good thing to have on hand.



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