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Strange High Desert Attractions

It doesn’t take long for one to live in the High Desert to notice strange attractions. For instance, anyone who travels “up the hill” to Hesperia or Victorville surely has noticed that the traffic on the 15 slows down, sometimes to a crawl, between Glen Helen and Kenwood exits. You would think there must be an accident or a fire due to the traffic jam, but it’s just traffic. Slow traffic…25 mph, 35 mph, or even 45 mph on a good day. Looking up strange things about the High Desert, I discovered a blog about potty-trained horses in the Barstow area. That is strange and quite comical to me. Curious about this horse potty training, I searched for more information and found a horse-help website where a reader had asked about horse potty problems. The horse trainer recommended natural behavior for horses and indicated that artificial behavior could cause neurotic behavior and physical problems. Personally, I’m not affected by whether a horse is potty trained or not. However, I do find the subject fascinating – and strange.

A common, yet strange, phenomenon of the High Desert is the Joshua tree. I don’t remember ever seeing one of these trees before I ever visited the High Desert. In East and Southeast Texas where I grew up we have tall pine, oak, sweetgum, and other trees. If a Joshua tree could thrive in that part of Texas that normally gets plenty of rain, surely it would take on a different form. Observe the Joshua trees and their odd forms. The strangest ones are the ones that are bent over as if they’re stretching for exercise. Some look like odd cartoon figures and others like ghost-like characters dressed for Halloween.


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