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Holiday Weekend and Fire

What a combination for travel on the I15 in the High Desert – holiday and fire! Due to the Oak Hills fire this afternoon the drive that we normally take up the 15 changed to the “back way” up through Crestline. It’s a terrible way to begin the Labor Day weekend or any day for people forced to evacuate their homes. Imagine not just sitting in traffic or driving the long way around but worrying about your family, pets, home, and personal belongings that you cherish. Then they have to find a place to stay, easy for some with nearby family and/or friends but difficult for others like the elderly or ones whose family don’t live close.

Need new tires? PEPBOYS has a special right now: buy three tires and get one free! At least this PEPBOYS does that my husband and I went to today in the High Desert.That’s what we’ve done on this Saturday of the Labor Day holiday weekend.

Must one go out of town or go somewhere to enjoy a holiday? Sometimes it’s good to just stay home and recoup from a hectic week. To not have to go anywhere or do anything is a nice thing to enjoy on a holiday weekend.

I think the best fun on a holiday is to spend it with family and friends. When you don’t have family and friends nearby, call them.


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