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February Garden Planning in the High Desert

February Garden Planning in the High Desert

Yellow Snapdragons

High desert gardeners are already planning their spring gardens and planting. The garden lover thrives on how to keep flowers and vegetables growing all year long, whether it be seed-planting, weed-pulling, and vegetable harvesting.

I googled “high desert garden planning in February” to see who and what popped up. These are the first three links that came up:


Each one of these sites is very fascinating, interesting, and inspiring for anyone who wants to start a garden in the high desert. The cool thing is that no matter which high desert area you live in, you can benefit from any of these three websites mentioned, even the last one that isn’t focused specifically on the “high” desert.

All three of the above garden websites include gardening tips. Moana Nursery points out the three challenges of climate, soil, and water and offers a very helpful planting guide.

Barbara with “Surviving the Middle Class Crash” (I love that blog title) gives tips on how to cut down on weeds. She also offers a list of fruits and vegetables grown successfully – in spite of being told that hardly anything grows in the Sprague River, Oregon high desert.

The third link that came up with my Internet search is the “full-time radical homemaker and mama to two spunky little girls” (I fell in love with her blog). Though she’s from the Tucson low desert area, her suggestions work well for growing vegetables in the high desert as well. She covers topics on your hardiness zone, soil testing, raised beds, wilting, mulch and more. But I like what she says about keeping a journal as a reference guide of your successes and disasters.

I’ll never forget the first time I spotted an ugly dragon-looking neon-green-alien-looking tomato hornworm. It creeped me out so much that I put my garden gloves on and knocked the pest off of the plant and into a sandwich baggie. Where there is one, there is bound to be more. Brave vegetable gardener that I was, I managed to save the sandwich bags for the next alien culprits. Gloves and a small spade helped me do the trick of sending them out of my garden. I read somewhere that tomato hornworms are hard to see in the sunlight (because they blend right in with the green leaves), so use a flashlight when it’s dark to shine on the plants. The little monsters are easier to spot that way with their neon color.

Like Middle Class Crash Barbara, I was determined to learn how to grow vegetables and fruit in a high desert climate. I had helped my vegetable-garden-growing mother and grandmothers enough that I had the confidence that I could grow my own home-grown food despite desert conditions.

My garden upbringing was in the Deep South, quite different than hot, dry summers with strong winds. Eventually, however, the garden grew. What has amazed me is that this winter my herbs, specifically dill and oregano, have withstood the cold and are actually thriving beautifully. It’s so exciting to step outside the kitchen into the herb garden and snip a few for seasoning, like the dill herb for one of the Big Game dip recipes I’m wanting to try.

A list of flowers and herbs that have made it through the winter season so far:

  • Snapdragons (they’ve grown quite tall)
  • California Poppies (that shocked me – I haven’t had them stay so pretty through the winter before)
  • Pansies – Oh how pretty they are in purple and yellow!
  • Dill – Before winter it looked tiny and scraggly-looking. Winter must be its friend more than I realized.
  • Oregano – It’s planted in a a corner of a large square pot. Two small pots of other herbs were placed inside the big garden pot. Since the oregano is spreading out so nicely, I’m removing the little pots and am going to let the oregano take over.

More Superbowl Menu Ideas

More Superbowl Menu Ideas

Hosting a Superbowl party is a great way to bring people together, but the responsibility of putting together a menu for game day can be challenging.    First, the food must be easy to eat while camped out in front of the TV.  A few weeks ago, High Desert Blogging posted a list of recipes to help with your menu selection, but we have found a few more that are worth sharing.

Simple ingredients produce a delicious corn and black bean salsaFirst, we have corn and black bean salsa from   We like this recipe because it’s similar to a salad.  Light and refreshing, it tastes good when eaten with a fork, but it’s a substantial and chunky salsa that’s sure to please all the men in your life.

If you’re looking for something different, give the recipe for Creamy Tacos from a try.  The final product is similar to queso dip, but with the addition of meat,beans, and corn, it makes for a hearty filling for a tortilla.  We rolled ours up burrito style.  The best part is that it can all be made in a crockpot.  Creamy TacosOur next selections are some stuffed jalapenos that we found over at  The first one is stuffed with cream cheese and bacon and topped with crushed tortilla chips. tortilla crumb topped stuffed jalapenos with cream cheese and bacon fillingThe second is stuffed with Tuna Salad and topped with cheese before being baked in the oven.  tuna stuffed jalapenosDid you know that chili is one of the most frequently served menu items at Superbowl parties?  No list of menu ideas would be complete without including a few chili recipes, too.

A good thing about chili is that it can be made a couple days in advance and stored in the refrigerator.  Then, pull it out and reheat it in your slow cooker on game day.  The flavors tend to intensify and blend together when chili is made ahead.  This means that the leftovers have more flavor than the fresh chili.

For a traditional chili recipe that can be made in the slow cooker, check out this recipe at chow hound.

imageWant a vegan chili option for your guests? This recipe from Simply Healthy Eats fits the bill nicely.

The opposite of vegan is this recipe for a paleo friendly chili from meatified.  The recipe uses 5 pounds of meat, so it will keep your carnivores happy.

yak meat in black bean chiliIf you want to impress your friends with your trend setting tastes in sustainable food, check out this recipe for Yak Chili. (The recipe can also be made with chunks of beef or with venison.)

All that’s left to discuss is dessert.  No Superbowl party menu is complete without dessert.  Here are a few of our favorites.Chunky Banana Pudding

Chunky Banana Pudding always works well for feeding a crowd.

Another option is the Texas Sheath cake.  I can’t believe I went my entire life without ever hearing about this delicious chocolate cake.

If you’re looking for more figure friendly and healthy dessert options, there is always the option of a fruit platter served with creamy coconut fruit dip, or Baked Maple Cinnamon Tortilla Chips served with Sweet White Bean Dip.    I know that last one sounds really weird, but it was delicious.  It goes well with sliced apples, too.

There you have our updated list of menu ideas for your Superbowl party.  What are your favorites from our list?

High Desert Areas of the United States

High Desert Areas of the United States
High Desert Joshua Tree

Mohave High Desert Joshua Tree

There are four main high desert areas (at least 2,000 feet above sea level) of the United States. Bloggers who publish posts on High Desert Blogging generally write about the Victor Valley vicinity of San Bernardino County in Southern California (So Cal).

One of the topics of this blog is high desert gardening. If you have learned the tricks to growing a successful garden in So Cal’s dry, hot, and windy summers, high desert gardeners from any of the four high deserts (listed below) of the U.S. can benefit from your garden tips.

4 Most Popular High Deserts of the U. S.

  • High Desert in California (mostly Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County)
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Oregon (central & eastern)
  • Colorado Plateau

The more populated high desert California areas are in Los Angeles County cities of Lancaster and Palmdale, San Bernardino County cities of Victor Valley (Adelanto, Apple Valley, Hesperia, Victorville), and Barstow. Other high desert cities include Albuquerque, New Mexico and Bend, Burns, Lakeview, and Prineville in Oregon.

Interests such as the following commonalities can be found in most or all of these high deserts:

  1. Old and/or historic touristic area of town
  2. Coffee shops
  3. Cafes & cuisine
  4. Vintage shopping
  5. High desert gardening
  6. Art & culture
  7. Writer events
  8. Wagon trail history
  9. Surrounding mountains

Old and/or historic touristic area of town

Albuquerque, Oregon, and California high deserts offer a wide variety of things to do and places for tourists to visit. Old town and historic shopping venues are available in each of these high desert areas. Albuquerque has its Old Town, Victorville Old Town is known for its National Old Trails Highway, Route 66, and Bend, Oregon has the Old Mills District.

Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon

Rowena Point Columbia Gorge, By johninportland

Tour the Old Mills District in Bend on a Segway. High Desert Museum has high reviews, so include it in your list of places to see. Learn more about Oregon’s things to do in the high desert at

Old Town Albuquerque

Albuquerque Old Town

Albuquerque’s Old Town Adobe Historic Church

Old Town Albuquerque has the best little coffee shop, Velvet Coffeehouse with specialty coffee and tea and the best berry scone ever.

Albuquerque Old Town Coffee

Velvet Coffeehouse, Albuquerque Old Town

Coffee in Old Town Albuquerque

Velvet Coffeehouse, Old Town Albuquerque

A short distance from Velvet’s is Wild Hare Studio.

Albuquerque Shopping

Wild Hare Studio Art, Albuquerque

Art Studio, Albuquerque Old Town

Wild Hare Art, Albuquerque Old Town

Another shop worth visiting is the Old Town Basket & Rug Shop with a large collection of Southwestern home decor. Take time to tour the church built in 1793, San Felipe de Neri Parish.

Victorville’s Route 66

Route 66 Museum, Victorville, CA

Route 66 Museum, Victorville, CA

See the Route 66 Museum in Victorville, shop at Santa Fe Trading Company for Southwestern home decor. If you like vintage shopping, it’s worthwhile to travel down Route 66 to Oro Grande.

antique shopping at Antique Station, Oro Grande, CA

Antique Station vintage shopping, Oro Grande, CA

Albuquerque, Oregon, and California high deserts’ are packed with Southwest, wagon trail, and Route 66 history for the writer. In fact, there are several writers’ events held annually in each of these areas including conferences, contests, retreats, and workshops.

Interested in guest blogging about your high desert? Contact us at


The Traffic Generating Experiment–Blog vs Blog versus in a traffic generating contest

Anyone who has ever started a blog knows that one of the biggest challenges is getting traffic to your blog, and traffic is essential if one hopes to monetize their blog.  There are various recommendations on the web regarding how best to draw traffic to a blog, and after reading through several of these, it’s easy for a new blogger to feel overwhelmed and confused by the conflicting information.

A few years ago, I listened to Bill Belew speak at the HDCWC meeting in Apple Valley.  At that time, he recommended multiple short posts (100-150 words long) per day to generate traffic.  He shares similar information regarding the success of mutiple short posts per day at Search Engine Journal.   Another site suggests longer posts (300-350 words) two or three times per week are best, and one claims that Google considers posts of less than 200 words to be “thin content”.  Another site recommends a combination of regularly scheduled  quality content on your own site paired with guest posts on a blog that has more traffic than your own. There are sites that list specifically how long a tweet, facebook comment, and a blog post should be in order to be most effective.  These list the best  content length for a blog post at 1600 words.  When you’re looking for a definitive answer, all of this seemingly conflicting information can be very confusing.

Even regarding the topic of page rank, there is disagreement.  There are those who say it’s vital to get traffic to your site, but is it really? READ MORE »

6 Best High Desert Restaurants to Watch the Big Game

6 Best High Desert Restaurants to Watch the Big Game
Cajun Seafood, Hesperia, CA

Louisiana Cajun Seafood House

What do you have planned for the big game party menu, or do you plan to dine out? If you choose to dine out in the High Desert, here are six restaurants to view the game:

  1. Oggi’s, 19201 Bear Valley Road, Apple Valley
  2. Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, 12728 Main Street, Hesperia
  3. Louisiana Cajun Seafood House, 14466 Main Street, Suite 103, Hesperia
  4. Buffalo Wild Wings, 18965 Bear Valley Road, Apple Valley
  5. Sizzler, 16988 Main Street, Hesperia
  6. Knockout Pizza, 8125 I Avenue, Suite 2&3, Hesperia

All six of these restaurants have great food. They are rated here beginning with #1 as first choice of best food and plenty of TV screens.

No matter where you sit at Oggi’s, you can see the big game easily on a large flat screen television. Their pizza tastes incredible. The menu includes salads, specialties, appetizers, and more from the Italian cuisine with choices from a lighter side like the Quinoa Stuffed Portabella Mushroom.

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s is among the best of Hesperia’s family style sports restaurants and has burgers, pizza, a lighter side, and gluten friendly entrees. Save room for dessert – Funnel Fries dipped in caramel or chocolate sauce or the Molten Chocolate Cake.

Louisiana Cajun Seafood House – best seafood place in town! Enjoy watching the game and eating gumbo, lemon pepper fries, shrimp, lobster, or catfish.

Buffalo Wild Wings is all about making their fans happy with sports, wings, and beer. So if you are into all three, head over there to enjoy the game.

Families who prefer eating steak, chicken, and salad while watching the Super Bowl may want to visit Sizzler on Main Street.

Knockout Pizza even has a gluten-free pizza. Last year they offered barbecue, hot off the BBQ pit outside as an option for those not wanting pizza.

If you are not dining out for the big game, what are you planning to serve for appetizers? Wings, mushrooms, cheese dip and chips, or something different that you’ve come up with? Try any of these palatable snacks for your party:

People typically prepare high calorie, high carb foods for the big game day. Health-conscious sports fans, what foods do you munch on during the game? Inspire us with your nutritious recipes. Maybe you’ll save someone a hunk of unnecessary calories and carbs with an alternative appetizing menu.

Enjoy the big game!

Food for the Big Game

An assortement of foods for superbowl.

It’s almost that time of year again.  You know, the time of year when friends get together to to watch two amazing football teams face off against each other to determine if the AFC or the NFC has the best team this year.

My house will be exempt from a large gathering for a Superbowl party because our TV is smaller than the ones owned by most of our friends.    Unfortunately, many of my friends know that I’m a good cook, so I get lots of calls during the weeks preceding this asking if I can bring something or if I can tell them how to make something that will impress their guests but that won’t be too difficult to put together.

I’ve been scouring the internet searching for easy ideas for Superbowl menus and I’ve come across quite a few ideas.

This pizza pull apart bread is from pattycakespantry.comA popular idea last year was the pull apart pizza bread.  It’s easy to make, and easy to eat.  We liked this recipe from  A  review of this recipe can be found at  I know this is last years big idea, but it was well received, so why change it?  We served ours with a side of easy marinara sauce for dipping.  It was very good.

Another simple solution is to have hot dogs heated in some water in a crock pot.  Did you know that the method of cooking hot dogs by submerging them in water is called “the dirty water method”?    Of course, Mario Batali from The Chew adds a few extra ingredients to his water.  This adds extra flavor to his dogs, but I’m content to just submerge my dogs in plain water.

The idea behind a crock pot full of hot dogs is that you can then set up a hot dog bar with traditional toppings like onions, relish, mustard, and ketchup.  You could also have another crock pot with some chili, a bowl  of shredded cheese and some jalapeno coins.  That would let your guests make chili dogs as well.  shredded cheese and jalapeno coins top the chili dog.  Photo credit PattyCakesPantry.comThis same hot dog bar could also be expanded to be a nacho bar by adding a large bowl of tortilla chips that people can top with chili, cheese, sliced green onions, diced tomatoes, sour cream, and black olives.  I know that it’s strange, but I also like to put some shredded lettuce on top of my nachos.  It makes me feel less guilty because it’s like I’m eating a nacho salad.  A bowl of salsa and another containing guacamole would be great here, too.  Chili cheese nachos topped with lettuce, tomato, green onion, sour cream and black olives.   Photo credit pattycakespantry.comThere’s a post at Patty Cake’s Pantry that discusses Make Ahead Recipes for the Big Game that includes recipes for two ingredient chicken wings, three ingredient crock pot meatballs, and stuffed mushrooms.   superbowl plate 3If you or your guests are on a low carb diet, you can find tons of tips and links to recipes for Low-Carb Super Bowl Party Foods over at   I really like the recipe for spicy pecans.

For those who are trying to watch their weight and eat healthy, Lisa Lillien, the Hungry Girl, has some tips and tricks for eating healthy at a  Superbowl Party.    We always try to put out a tray of fruit and one of vegetables in addition to the other foods.

These are a few of our favorite ideas for putting together a Superbowl party.   We always consider that the guests will be eating and drinking in the living room, so foods need to be easy to eat with a plat balanced on their laps.

Please click on the links above and  give these recipes a try.   Leave a comment to let us know what you think and share some of your favorite Superbowl menus and recipes?

Simple Tools to Stay Calm After a Car Accident

Simple Tools to Stay Calm After a Car Accident

Our Guard Goes Down When the Sun Comes Out

Although the worst of the heavy traffic during holiday shopping has simmered down, there still are days when traffic is heavier. Our weather patterns cause drivers to forget that rainy days need more driving care. Even dry days during winter can be more hazardous than you might think.

Two Drivers Two Cars

Minor Car Incident

It’s like our guard goes down when the sun comes out. But a defensive driver is keenly aware at all times. Watch for sporadic drivers cutting in and out of traffic, regular rise in traffic near schools, and intersections near shopping malls.

Tools to Use

Your handy camera in your cell phone is an easy tool to use if you do have an accident. Take a photo of each part of the car’s damage. Take several. Then be sure to take photos of the other driver’s car. Are there witnesses to the accident? Ask them to give you their information for the report. Keep a pencil and paper pad in your glove box at all times.

camera on your cell phone

Take a photo of the evidence

Exchange information with the other driver (when possible) during the time waiting for the police or deputy to arrive. Be sure to ask for name, address, phone, type of vehicle, model, license plate, and how many people are in the vehicle.

This sounds so simple but after an accident you may not feel like standing, talking or recollecting the situation. People react differently to stress and adrenaline bursts. Even a simple bumper mishap can cause drivers and passengers to freak out, hyperventilate, or feel very upset. Some riders may not even know they’re injured until after the burst of adrenaline has faded.

Stay Calm For Everyone

calm man

Staying Calm will help other stay calm too

Remembering to do these simple tasks can sometime escape your mind. Try to stay calm while others around you may be very upset, even yelling or crying. By keeping your own emotions in check you can maintain a more calming environment around you.

Emotions at an Accident

Emotions Run High

When the person of authority arrives — police, security, deputy, ambulance — be sure to get some form of ID from them. Often deputies will give a business card with contact numbers or even an incident report number for follow up with your insurance agent.

Summarize Your Day

When you get home and feel more at ease, it’s best to sit down in a quiet place and write out the complete incident as you recall it.


What time of day, the weather, how the accident happened, how you were involved, what you felt, what you did afterward, who you talked to, and if you feel confident remembering all these details a month later. shocked girl

By writing everything down early, you won’t be so worried about what you do remember when asked by your insurance agent. Our nation runs on vehicles so it’s just a matter of time before you are involved in an accident. I hope your experiences are minor and without injury, but if it happens just knowing these simple tips will make the experience easier to live with.

Rusty LaGrange

Louisiana Style Dining in Southern California’s High Desert

Louisiana Style Dining in Southern California’s High Desert
Hesperia, CA Seafood Restaurant

Louisiana Cajun Seafood Restaurant

Visiting Southern California’s high desert anytime soon? Dining will, most likely, be included in your agenda. If you’re traveling to or from Las Vegas, Nevada on I-15, Hesperia and Victorville have several great restaurants to choose from. One restaurant that is gaining more popularity (they’re even opening a second restaurant in Victorville) is the Louisiana Cajun Seafood House on Main Street in Hesperia. It’s in a shopping center behind McDonald’s on Main Street and Maple.

There are other great places to eat in Hesperia that are close to I-15 at the Main Street exit like Chipotle Mexican Grill, Golden Corral, and In-N-Out Burger. Wood Grill Buffet, not too far from I-15, is another good place to dine if you enjoy buffet style.

Victorville also has plenty of restaurants to choose from at the Bear Valley exit near I-15. These include:

  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
  • Marie Callender’s
  • Applebee’s
  • Chili’s
  • Steak ‘n Shake

Now, back to that Cajun style hotspot in Hesperia, you’re in for a fun experience. Louisiana and Texas visitors, this is not your typical seafood restaurant from the Gulf Coast. Similar, but not the same. It is common to find paper towels on the tables of seafood restaurants on the eastern side of Texas and all of Louisiana. Hesperia’s Louisiana Cajun place offers more than paper towels. You get a bib. Wear it, and you’ll be fine.

Menu items available at Louisiana Cajun Seafood House are seafood such as crawfish, king crab legs and lobster, awesome fried catfish, incredible lemon pepper fries and gumbo. If you like shrimp, pay extra to get the peeled kind with lemon pepper and garlic. Oh, my!!!

You may want to venture out further from I-15 to dine. If you do, there are fabulous restaurants from Italian to Mexican cuisine and great diners in Hesperia, Victorville, and Apple Valley. Some are:

  • Mama Carpino’s Italian
  • Oggi’s Apple Valley (Pizza)
  • Los Domingos Mexican Restaurant
  • Juliano’s Italian Restaurant
  • Apollo Restaurant (hamburgers)
  • Cross Eyed Cow Pizza
  • Molly Brown’s Country Cafe

The list could easily continue because the Victor Valley area is filled with many excellent dining choices. Food connoisseurs, plan on making extra visits or stay a few days to try out High Desert’s best dining.

Happy Eating!

High Desert California Writers

High Desert California Writers

The Victor Valley area is home to talented writers and authors. You can read about their craft, books, and events often by reading their blogs. The High Desert California Writers Club holds a monthly meeting for writers. Currently, they meet at the Community Church at Jess Ranch located at 11537 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley, CA. Special writing events and opportunities, such as writers’ salons and critique groups, are accessible to members of the group.


NOTE: This post contains an affiliate link whichmeans if you click on it and make a purchase, I make a commission. This doesn’t cost you 
anything additional. These commissions help to 
keep the rest of my content free, so thank you!

Writing salons became popular in the early 1900’s when Jack London and other literary enthusiasts, poets, and writers met in the Oaklands hills of California. Jack London authored notable books such as The Call of the Wild, The Iron Heel, White Fang, and The Sea-Wolf. In 1909 the popular literary salons officially became known as the California Writers Club.

Blogging Salon

Writing Salon, HDCWC

The craft of writing requires dedication and consistency. London, the most popular author in the early twentieth century, wrote 1,000 words a day. His regular writing habit, obviously, paid off. The Call of the Wild made him famous in his 20’s. He was known as the best paid American writer in his era. A recent book about him is Jack London In Boyhood Adventures, a memoir by Frank Irving Atherton.

Anyone can publish a book in the twenty-first century. Print-on-demand publishing makes it easy for authors to see their books in print. Editing isn’t always a top priority for all who choose the self-publishing route, however. Perhaps the extra cost of hiring proofreaders and editors discourages some individuals. Writers owe it to themselves to find someone to critique their work. One of the most valuable benefits to becoming a member of the High Desert Branch of California Writers Club (HDCWC) is the opportunity to join a critique group.

You can learn more about HDCWC authors and their books as well as follow their blogs. Three are listed below for you, and you can find others listed on Angie’s Book List on this site.







Use Luminarias for Old World Charm

Use Luminarias for Old World Charm
A contemporary design and a magical glow

A contemporary design and a magical glow

This time of year the crafty and creative minds abound. You see decorations that look like a craft wizard fabricated them — and usually overnight. But you think “it would take me weeks to do that.” And the expense! Who has that kind of money?

Luminarias are Old World

Old World Charm to line your walkways


Sometimes the cleverest ideas come from Old World history.

A simple idea that was practical back then is just as practical today. Case in point, the simple light from a luminaria. The charm of these outdoor candles come from as far back as the age of the Pharaohs. You might think it was the Spanish – Latin influences that prompted Mexican cultures to use them for commemorative events or for lining the paths to a family cemetery. You would be wrong.

We think of them as a décor item for the Holidays. Although that’s true, other holidays enjoy the radiant décor, too. When masses were conducted in Mexico, often an evening procession would be led by altar boys carrying lanterns on long canes. Once a long procession arrived at the church or an arranged location, luminarias would be placed along their walkway so no one would stumble or walk on the grave sites or the offering placed on the ground.

Modern luminarias can be made with metal or PVC pipe

Modern luminarias can be made with metal or PVC pipe

Luminarias, as simple as placing a votive candle into a paper lunch sack weighted down with an inch or so of native dirt or sand, have been used throughout history in a variety of ways. Easter candles are often placed on the altars but also as a colorful attractant to guide people to their church. Fourth of July celebrations use luminarias along a shoreline, in a park or along pathways. Many times floating lanterns limb into the sky — these are luminarias with a helium balloon or a sack tied up-side down. The hot air is trapped allowing it to rise into the night skies. Luminarias are used during October’s Halloween events and on porches to add a bit of scary lighting to a dull porch.

Since the glow of a simple candle can take on the shape of a large bag or jar, its brightness subdued yet its light travels very far in its defused state.

Luminarias are made from brown paper, reused grocery sacks, empty glass jar, tall tins with punched holes to let out light, pumpkins and gourds, and even small ceramic pots. As a modern version of this candle, PVC water pipe can be used with small drill holes placed in a pattern just like the punched tin.

Glass jars with a votive candle, a bale handle, and an etched surface is charming

Glass jars with a votive candle, a bale handle, and an etched surface is charming

As long as the wind cannot disrupt the flame, and the light and heat can escape, the luminaria can be placed on steps, in driveways, lining sidewalks, atop walls, and roof lines, creating a path, or any number of uses.

Let us know if you see any luminarias this season. Just drop us a comment.

iBlog Magazine for Professional Women Bloggers




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